White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths is a group of  dedicated maths teachers who want great maths education for everyone. They provide excellent Schemes of Learning for primary schools. White Rose overviews support teachers to develop the maths skills, knowledge and understanding of the children they teach. This also supports their maths planning.

Arrow-Ed maths units follow the White Rose Maths schemes for each year group. Our materials allow parents, tutors and teachers to cover the same learning as White Rose. This is achieved by  adding further commentary and questions in our Learning Guides and Parent Tutor Guides. We take White Rose Maths  a step further, from a fantastic overview to more specific maths plans ideal for supporting parents with home tutoring and teachers in the classroom.

Parents use Arrow-Ed units to support their child at home because they know that they cover National Curriculum requirements. With our maths planning you will reflect what your child is also learning in school.

Teachers use Arrow-Ed units to support their own understanding of White Rose Maths and/or to supplement the White Rose scheme of learning. This is because it helps them link White Rose planning more closely to their own maths planning.

In summary, primary schools use White Rose Maths because they rightly trust the professionals who have developed it. White Rose planning covers KS1 maths and KS2 maths and supports maths planning and teaching. Use Arrow-Ed as a stand alone resource or to support maths teaching and learning at home and in the classroom.resources to support this further, and can be used as a stand alone resource in the classroom and for maths at home. Join parents and teachers who use our resources, now.

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