Unit availability

Here are the dates each of our White Rose linked maths units (for the Autumn Term) are available. Please not that each unit is accompanied by free maths resources to further support learning at home and in the classroom.

Unit 1 (White Rose Maths Autumn Block 1)

Year 1Place Value A

Year 2Place Value

Year 3Place Value

Year 4Place Value

Year 5Place Value

Year 6Place Value

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Unit 2 (White Rose Maths Autumn Block 2)

Year 1 – Addition and Subtraction

Year 2 – Addition and Subtraction

Year 3 – Addition and Subtraction

Year 4 – Addition and Subtraction

Year 5 – Addition and Subtraction

Year 6 – Four Operations

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Unit 3 (White Rose Maths Autumn Block 3)

Year 1 – Geometry: Shape

Year 2 – Measurement: Money

Year 3 – Multiplication and Division*

Year 4 – Measurement: Length and Perimeter

Year 5 – Statistics

Year 6 – Fractions

Available from 19th November


Unit 4 (White Rose Maths Autumn Block 4)

Year 1 – Place Value B*

Year 2 – Multiplication and Division*

Year 4 – Multiplication and Division*

Year 5 – Multiplication and Division

Year 6 – Position and Direction*

Available fromĀ  12th December


Unit 5 (White Rose Maths Autumn Block 5)

Year 5 – Perimeter and Area*

Available from 12th December


*indicates the final unit for that year group for the term