Essential maths resources

Click on the links to purchase these recommended maths resources via Amazon. Please note that Arrow-Ed has no influence over the price or stock levels of these items.

Below are our favourite (and pretty much essential) resources.

Base 10 – essential Key Stage 1 resource and very useful for Key Stage 2. Colours correspond with colours used throughout our materials. 10-sided dice – great for generating random numbers. Used in our place value units.  Several dice can be used at once for generating larger numbers. Place value counters – another essential for Key Stage 1 and still relevant for Key Stage 2 learners. Contains cards for further place value practice.
General use counters – another essential for all aspects of number work. Perfect across both key stages for counting activities and comparing groups. Counting bears – perfect for counting and sorting. A KS1 must have, loved by KS2 as well. Use  for sorting, ordering and comparing. Number cards game – superb for recognising numbers and number names. Great for practising counting, ordering and comparing too.


Lolly sticks – Brilliant for counting, and making shapes


Great maths books for adults

Two great maths publications, the first to help parents, tutors and trainee teachers to get up to speed with maths, and the second to provide all with a different look at teaching maths. Both are highly recommended.