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Maths homework help for the new school year

We’ve all thought we’d never need most of the maths we learned at school ever again. Then for some of us we realised we did need it – providing maths homework help for our primary school aged offspring. As parents and teachers we’ve seen this from both sides. Often we’re asked ‘how can I provide maths homework help’, and we’ve asked this ourselves too. As the new school year approaches, we look at how you can help with maths at home.

Maths homework help - supporting maths at home
               A familiar problem with maths homework.

Working with your own child is very different to a teacher working with them in a primary maths classroom. As parents, we know our children better than anyone but they also know us better than anyone and know the right buttons to press, feeling safe in their stubbornness, laziness, self-rightousness or any other ‘ness’ we perceive them as demonstrating when we’re only trying to help! However, if we really want to help we should perhaps look at how we engage with the learner.

Maths curriculum knowledge helps to provide maths homework help

Home maths support (and support for any other subject for that matter) requires us to have some knowledge and understanding ourselves. Being a brilliant mathematician isn’t a pre-requisite but  knowing a little about what is taught in maths lessons is. You wouldn’t expect a teacher, or a maths tutor, to teach your child without some knowledge of the curriculum. Don’t expect it of yourself.

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Talk and do when providing maths homework help

The best teachers do all of the above but it’s not totally beyond the grasp of non-educationlists. Arrow-Ed maths units help to provide maths homework help and more by giving you the key elements of the curriculum. For each part of each unit, we explain how to share the key information with your child. There are a range of example questions to support and check learning. Beware though. We don’t do worksheets for you to demand your child to complete when they may not be able to. Arrow-Ed is based on establishing dialogue between the adult and the child, and allowing the learner to develop at the right pace. This is the way to support maths at home.Avoid projecting personal apathy, hatred of maths, own school experience or lack of confidence on to your young home learner. Praise their effort of course but more than this, allow them to do most of the talking, thinking and doing. Watch them and discuss with them, asking them to explain to you their reasoning. Maths learning (and again, learning in any other subject) should revolve around dialogue, reasoning and the learner having ample opportunity to talk and do.

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