Primary school maths help for home and school

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Supporting your child’s education and understanding primary school maths can be daunting – we know because we’re parents too. Arrow-Ed has the aim of pointing you in the right direction when it comes to helping children with maths at home. Whether it’s maths homework, the support of a maths tutor or parents and children working together, we have your back.

With Arrow-Ed:

  • You and your child are in control of their maths learning.
  • Download easy-to-follow maths units designed to help you understand how to help with maths.
  • Become fully involved in the learning process – not just handing your child uninspiring maths worksheets.
  • Your child is a unique learner. It’s not ‘one-size-fits-all’ because kids aren’t like that.

Our primary school maths resources, designed by experienced primary school teachers, are a fantastic, competitively priced means of supporting maths at home and in the classroom. Visit our online shop now.

Choose from maths resources for all primary school age groups from the beginning of Key Stage 1 to the end of Key Stage 2. Flexible purchasing options allow you to buy a single unit, term or whole year of primary maths resources. Our resources fully support White Rose maths plans which are used extensively in primary school classrooms.

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We also supply FREE maths resources to support our units. As with all of our materials, our free maths resources are suitable for home and classroom use, and for KS1 maths and KS2 maths. 

Take a look at our FREE maths resources now

While our FREE maths resources are great for supporting home learning, you might also want to consider purchasing essential resources just like those used in primary classrooms.

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